How important to drink water

Monday, Jun,20th 2022

We all know that drinking water and keeping our bodies well hydrated is important for good health. What you may not realise is how important water is when it comes to your fertility and trying to conceive.

Water is important for many functions in our bodies to ensure they are working effectively. Including temperature control, protection of our nervous system, transportation of nutrients to cells, and removal of wastes.

When it comes to your fertility these are some of the many benefits of ensuring that you’re your body is kept well hydrated:

·       Cushions and lubricates all tissues and organs in the body

·       It facilitates the delivery of hormones throughout the body, and

may be helpful with enhancing follicles.

·       Helps to provide better production of cervical mucus. Cervical

mucus helps the sperm to easily reach the egg.

·       Elimination of harmful toxins

·       Increases blood supply to your ovaries ensuring proper

functioning of ovaries during the reproduction cycle.

·       Helps to ensure you have a thick cushioning womb lining

providing a nourishing and healthy environment for the embryo

to grow

If you are not keeping your body well hydrated this will cause sluggishness, fatigue, and an inability to focus. Even slight dehydration can cause our mood to fluctuate. The mind-body connection is very important for fertility and you will want to stay positive as well as maintaining a healthy supportive relationship with your partner.

Women need to be drinking at least 2 litres of water a day (preferably filtered water) and men 3 litres. For men, dehydration can lead to decreased sperm quality and less volume of semen.

I know that when you are busy it is easy to forget to drink. I recommend that you keep a glass and a jug or bottle of water on your desk when you are working and every hour take a screen break and drink a glass of #water. Then keep the glass topped up.

Also, when you are out and about carry water with you in a stainless steel or a BPA free plastic bottle so you always have water with you.

What challenges do you have when it comes to ensuring that your body is kept well hydrated?

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