Are Brightdairy milk products safe to drink?

Saturday, May,7th 2022

Rumor: A chat log titled "Don't drink Brightdairy milk now. Its factories are in trouble" was making it way around WeChat moments and groups on the evening of April 4. According to the chat, 134 employees of Brightdairy were taken away, and two had tested positive for COVID-19.

Fact: The antigen test results of two employees of the fourth dairy factory of Brightdairy were found to be abnormal on April 2, according to the company.

The company quarantined those employees as required, implemented closed-loop management of the factory, and carried out disinfection.

The factory stopped production on March 31 already according to the city-wide closed management measures. All products in the factory have been sealed, and none have made it to the market. All Brightdairy products currently on sale in the market are produced by other factories.