Understanding what vacuum sealed means for stainless steel water bottles & tumblers

Monday, May,16th 2022

Stainless steel drinkware is not a trend. It is a movement toward drinkware that is far superior to plastic drinkware. It’s not a fad that will fade. Stainless steel tumblers and water bottles have become so popular because they work so well to keep your drinks hot or cold for many hours.

All the popular name brand stainless steel tumblers such as RTIC or Yeti as well as many of the high-quality off-brand tumblers and water bottles are manufactured with vacuum sealed double wall insulation technology. All vacuum sealed tumblers and bottles are double-walled, but all double wall tumblers and bottles are NOT vacuum sealed.

What does Vacuum Sealed Insulation Mean?

But what does “vacuum sealed” mean? Not only is it double walled, meaning a different layer on the inside and the outside, but it also has a layer of space (insulation) in between the two layers which are airtight (sealed). With the air vacuumed from between the two layers, the heat or cold is minimally transmitted through to the next layer, keeping the desired temperature inside the drinking vessel.

Don’t be confused by double wall tumblers or mugs made out of plastic or other materials, which are most likely NOT vacuum sealed. Most plastic double walled drinkware has either air insulation (between the two walls) or foam insulation, but they are not nearly as effective as vacuum insulation.

What’s Better Than Vacuum Sealed?

There is a step up from vacuum sealed and that is copper vacuum insulated. This manufacturing process adds a copper lining to the inner side of the inside layer. Just to be clear, the copper lining is on the opposite side of where your drink comes in contact. This copper lining helps distribute the heat/cold more evenly across the entire surface allowing it to retain its temperature for much longer periods of time over standard vacuum sealed stainless steel. The great thing about the copper lining is that the cost difference with or without is minimal, so if you want the best temperature retention, go for the copper vacuum sealed options.

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